Our Brands

Cosmo Trade LLC is one of the leading large companies in the local market, and in addition to supplying more than 200 types of products from more than 10 countries worldwide, which are recognized and highly valued in worldwide, it has successfully developed its own brands in accordance with the needs of Mongolian consumers and supplied them to the market, reaching more than 4,500 points.


Food Brands

It is the mission of our team to provide healthy, safe and high-quality products and services to our customers to meet the needs of all types of service organizations, such as household consumption, fast food production, and restaurant lounges. It alone supplies 30% of the total canned food in local market.


Beauty Brands

More than 10 types of world-famous beauty, oral care, and hygiene brand products have been introduced to the market and new products are being developed to meet the needs of consumers.


Household Brands

Household products are working together to provide healthy, safe and high-quality products that meet the needs of every family at a low price to all families and comparable organizations every day. We are one of the first trade and service organizations in household products and services.