Ciptadent шүдний оо ногоон 75гр/120гр
Ciptadent toothpaste green 75g/120g
Ciptadent шүдний оо улаан 75гр/120гр
Ciptadent toothpaste red 75g/120g
Ciptadent шүдний оо цэнхэр 75гр/120гр
Ciptadent toothpaste blue 75g/120g
Ciptadent шүдний сойз crystal
Ciptadent toothbrush crystal
Ciptadent шүдний сойз flexi
Ciptadent toothbrush flexi
Ciptadent шүдний сойз total
Ciptadent toothbrush total
Ciptadent шүдний сойз extra
Ciptadent toothbrush extra


For 120 years, LION JAPAN has contributed to oral care and is recognized as Japan’s #1 toothpaste. It is noted that fluoride toothpaste was first introduced in 1948. Then in 1982, a toothpaste with a Dextranase reducing enzyme was discovered. However, Ciptadent, which was launched in Indonesia in 1989, has become popular as an oral care product loved by many families in Japan and Indonesia.

– Cool Mint

– Fresh Mint

– Complete

Product size: 35g / 75g / 120g / 190g

Quantity in the box: 144pcs / 72pcs / 48pcs / 24pcs