Daisy АЦХ өдөр тутам 15.5см
Sanitary napkin: Daily 15.5cm, 20pcs
Ариун цэврийн хэрэглэл: Өдөр тутам 18см, 20ш; Sanitary napkin: Daily 18cm, 20pcs; Гигиенические прокладки: Ежедневные 18см, 20шт
Sanitary napkin: Daily 18cm, 20pcs
Daisy АЦХ өдөр 24см
Sanitary napkin: Day 24cm, 10pcs
Daisy АЦХ шөнө 29см
Sanitary napkin: Night 29cm, 7pcs
DAISY АЦХ шөнө 34см, 4ш
Sanitary napkin: Night 34cm, 4pcs


  • We researched the needs of sanitary napkin users and successfully introduced sanitary napkins suitable for ladies and young girls to the market in 2017 by obtaining intellectual property rights under the name Daisy.
  • The Daisy brand has not long entered the market, but it has become a successful value product that is popular with consumers due to its high-quality surface with advanced technology, soft cotton, and does not cause allergies even to sensitive skin.

Quantity in the box: 48 pcs

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