Participated in support of the 31st State Informatics Olympiad

Participated in support of the 31st State Informatics Olympiad

Cosmo Trade Ltd. participated as a general sponsor in the event of the XXXI National Informatics Olympiad.
The Olympiad was held in three categories, and a total of 38 teachers and 41 students from secondary schools selected from cities, provinces, and the capital, and 30 students participated in the art competition.

Results of the Olympiad:

In the category of teachers
I building   Chimedin Batjargal, teacher of the 2nd complex school of Uvs province
2nd place Batmunkh of Dashdondo, a teacher of Future Complex School of Khuvsgul Province
3rd place Tsegmid of Tsotsolbor 1st school, Uvs province

Competition of students' creations

1st place Naranbaatar Uuganbayar, a 10th grade student of Oyuun Uluai Secondary School of Darhan mountain province, with the work "Effects of Cell Phones"
2nd place Purevtserengi Belgudei, 11th grade student of Delgermoren Secondary School, Khuvsgul province, with the work "PP1"
Third place Zuunnast Belgoon, 9th grade student of Merged Secondary School, Ovorkhangai province, with the work "Shagai naadgai"
Special place "scratch" work by Bat-Erdeniin Amarsaihan, 12th grade student of Bornuur Secondary School of the Central Province
Special place "Dice-collecting robot" by Purevee Galthu, student of Ulaanbaatar school 77

In the category of students

1st place A. Batjargal, 12th grade student of Enpati School of UB, became the double national champion.
2nd place S. Bilagdemberel, 12th grade student of Delger Muren CS, Khuvsgul province
B. Altangerel, 12th grade student of Enpati School, UB
III place G. Mergen, 12th grade student of the 11th secondary school of UB city
Z. Lkhagvasuren, 12th grade student of Olonlog Secondary School, UB city
O. Tenun, 11th grade student of Orchlon Secondary School, UB